How Squats Help You Get Bigger

Everyone has their own goals when they start training for the first time. Maybe you are hoping to lose weight and burn fat – or maybe you want to get bigger. These are just simplistic types of goals. You may have a more complicated ambition when you start going to the gym.

But whatever your goals, certain exercises can help you out. Squats are one of those exercises.

Why Are Squats So Great?

The reason why squatting is one of the workouts that is always recommended is because of how it helps your own body. We already know that the benefits of squats are huge for your lower body.

You are working your quads, thighs and hamstrings each time you are going up and down for a squat. But what a lot of people do not realize is that squats are also good for your upper body.

Squats Help Your Entire Body

Squats help you get bigger all over your body. If you are hearing that for the first time, you may be skeptical. Let us explain.

What happens is that squats are such a total body workout, which results in the release of more testosterone in your body. And when you have more testosterone, you end up gaining muscle mass at a quicker rate.

Squatting the Right Way

If you are working hard to grow your muscles all over your body, incorporate squats into your leg workout day. You will be amazed at the results you get.

benefits of squats

But you must ensure that you are squatting in the right way. Look into special squat mats that you can use to give your body better balance and control. These items will help you alleviate pressure on your joints when you are squatting, which can cause long term damage.

Also ensure that you are maintaining proper squatting form. It is much more important to have good form, rather than focusing on how many reps you can complete.